About Me

I am an entrepreneur at heart.  Through my travels and experiences through life, I have enjoyed creating things.  I was a licensed nail technician, a Retired Master Sergeant of 22 years from the US Army who served during the Gulf War, 14-year Federal Government retiree, a mother of one, a grandmother and a great-grandmother.

During my years of living, I have always had a passion to create things by hand from nature’s resources.  When I was interested in doing something, I would get educated in the field to ensure I knew what the procedures were to make a product.  I can remember having a bit of interest in golfing.  I purchased an expensive set of clubs and will be starting lessons soon.  I thought I wanted to be a nail tech and got my license and decided that women were so picky about their nails, so I specialized in doing toes.  I learned to crochet, knit, tat, needlepoint, diamond paint, sew and received an associate degree, bachelor’s degree and an MBA with Human Resource Management.


The best certificate I ever received was in jewelry design from the New York Institute of Art + Design of which I am a member.  I call it my best because of all the things I have done; I can express my appreciation for life in an artist format through jewelry design.   This can be seen on this website as I use some of my other skills included with jewelry.  I restore old jewelry into something new and do jewelry repairs.  Some of the restored items can be seen on this site.

I appreciate any comments you can give on this site to help me improve my skills by using the blog. I am excited about this site because it is a beginning of a new chapter for me.

God Bless and ENJOY!


Our Company

We have been in the business for 10 years (change this to the real number by confirming from the client). Selection form the finest piece of stone, gem, diamond and pearl is made by our expert technicians and then handpicked – elegance is not about being noticed but rather about being remembered and thus we want you the ‘diva’ to be cherished and so we don’t compromise on quality at any cost.

Jewels4Charms is making itself recognized as having the finest diamond cutting expertise with outstanding commitment and dedication to its clients. We have state of the art of factories around the world, giving us the opportunity to deliver exclusivity in jewelry designs globally.

We firmly believe in a number of key values that support our business philosophy and direct our daily activities. No matter how the market or we change, by upholding these essential principles, we can preserve what has always been unique about our business. The essence of our business is reflected in the following key values:

  1. Craftsmanship: selling the best quality.
  2. Trust: Establishing and sustaining a collaboration with our clients that is advantageous to both parties.
  3. Dedication: Supporting the sector and local communities where we operate.
  4. Integrity: Maintaining our integrity in all aspects of our business operations.

As a result of our longstanding commitment to commerce, social, and natural morals, we have assured to guarantee keenness all through the complete jewel pipeline from the sourcing to the fabricating, preparing, showcasing, and dispersion of cleaned jewels.

Handmade Product

Expertly handcrafted with the most elevated quality gemstones and valuable metals, our collection of extravagance bracelets, hoops, rings and accessories will shimmer and transmit.

We source common fancy-colored jewels in all shapes, sizes and power for your interesting and dynamic gems piece. Find yellow precious stones, pink jewels, blue precious stones, and more.

Classic, rich, and lovely, our chief collection of one-of-a-kind white jewels is expertly cut and cleaned to flawlessness. No other company can coordinate our endless stock, which incorporates jewels in each color, clarity, estimate and shape.